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Psychic Sampler

Enhance Your Innate Ability, Expand your Perception and Tap Into your Unique Tools for Intuition, so you can perceive more clearly, become an excellent judge of character and receive direct knowing.

Are you tired of feeling confused, disconnected, and not knowing what to do? Do you want to stop…

  • making bad/poor decisions, looking for answers,

  • keep repeating the same mistakes,

  • being disappointed by people you thought you knew

  • second guessing yourself?

Imagine how confident you will feel when you are totally tapped into your intuition, how easily you will rest your head on your pillow at night, knowing you’ve acted in your own best interest all day. Imagine how others will respond to you in your newfound certainty.

What will you get out of this 5-week Sampler?

  • Tools to access your intuition.

  • Better understanding of how to feel into your gut.

  • How to naturally access your intuition to make decisions.

  • Access your own intuition with or without tools.

  • Develop your inner psychic ability.

Week 1: Introduction: learn simple writing exercise to access you highest intelligence


Week 2: Discover how much you instinctively know using photographs


Week 3: Working with Personal items as a source of insight


Week 4: Introduction to working with Tarot as a divination tool


Week 5: Further practice for integration of your unique way of accessing

I am offering a 5-week workshop on developing and/or sharpening one’s intuitive skills. The classes will be very interactive and experiential.


The classes will be held at:

The home of Rose Fazzio


The investment of this 5-week workshop is $225. If eight or more people sign up the cost would be reduced to $197.


Due to allergies, the room where the class is to be held MUST be scent free with no air fresheners, room deodorizers, scented candles or fresh flowers as well as the folks attending. I also require no alcohol consumption.


Please contact me to sign up or if you have any questions:

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