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                    12 Month

      Intuitive Guidance Package

Do you ever feel like you…


  •  are struggling alone and no one  understands?

  •  have no direction in your life?

  •  are scared or uncertain about what’s going  on in your life or in the world today?

Imagine yourself in a place of allowance, where you know exactly what you need and understand your next steps to take, where you find clarity and answers within yourself, where you get direction and are able to move forward with support.

Perhaps you have a question or two about a job change or relationship issue. You can access the answers to your questions.

I work with a new generation of people who are maximizing their intuitive gifts. They love receiving support and guidance on an ongoing basis, so they can make clear decisions and take important steps to create the life they desire. The year-long commitment you make for this package supports you to go deeper over time and gain more confidence in listening to your own guidance and raising your vibration so you can manifest with intention. 

The package includes:

VIP assessment of your unique hopes, dreams, strengths and struggles.

12 readings (1 hour). 

One question/ month via email.  

50% off follow up debrief sessions.

Additional session for integration and future planning.

You’ll also receive 50% off any follow up debrief sessions.

30% off any classes I offer. 

Some things clients have said in reaction to working with Heidi on a long-term basis:


“This was a huge breakthrough for me. I haven’t even touched on this in 15 years in therapy.”


“Every time we do a reading I feel a deeper connection to myself and to spirit.”

Questions? Call Heidi: 267-251-4300

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