Heidi Hears You

Have you ever just wanted someone to listen to you:

  • without judgment?

  • or attachment to the outcome?

  • or a desire to respond?

Heidi Hears You is an opportunity for you:


  • to talk and share about whatever is going on for you. 

  • to know that everything is held in sacred confidence. 

  • to get feedback if you ask for it.


In the busy world of technology and self-absorption, I take time to listen to you.


I offer my services so that you can talk about whatever is in your heart and on your mind without shame or judgment.

Get your first 15 minutes of Heidi Hears You (a $25 value) for free! In the next few weeks I'm holding 10 free slots of my time for you! Respond to this post to set up a time. 

"With Heidi's guidance, I was able to connect with my heart and feel both the grief of letting go and the hopefulness of creating something new... very empowering. Heidi didn't try to fix my feelings or cheerlead over them and in being allowed to feel my emotions and stay with my own process uninterrupted, I was able to move through the stuckness I was feeling to a place of clarity, relief, and softness."

~ Fereshta Ramsey, Piermont, NY

You may know someone else who needs a listening ear. Please share this email with them. 

Heidi is an empathic spiritual practitioner who has been trained in the art of deep listening.