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Divine Direction- A Twelve Month Package

Integrated Spiritual & Intuitive Guidance

Do you ever feel…


  •  like you are struggling alone and no one  understands?

  •  like you have no direction in your life?

  •  scared or uncertain about what’s going on in  your life or in the world today?

Imagine yourself in a place of allowance, where you know exactly what you need and understand your next steps to take, where you find clarity and answers within yourself, where you access divine direction and are able to move forward with support.


Perhaps you have a question or two about a job change or relationship issue. You can access all the answers to your questions.

I work with a new generation of people who are maximizing their intuitive gifts. They love receiving support and guidance on an ongoing basis, so they can make clear decisions and take important steps to create the life they desire. Over time you’ll go deeper and have more confidence in listening to your own guidance, raising your own vibration and manifest with intention.

Obstacles or misbeliefs that might get in the way…


I can do this myself…


If you truly believe this then ask yourself, “how’s this working for me?”

I used to think the same thing and then realized that I really cannot do it by myself, I actually need support. I also learned that it’s a very adult thing (takes vulnerability and courage) to ask for and receive support.


It’s very expensive…

I hear you and can imagine where you are coming from and also know that this is an investment. An investment in YOU! Do you believe that are worthy of figuring out and getting what you need and desire?


I don’t have the time, it’s going to be too much work…

We all have the time, it’s a matter of how we prioritize our time.

Is this really true, do you really not have the time to work on healing yourself and knowing (intuiting) what is best for you? 

What if this doesn’t work…

There are no guarantee’s in life and Rome wasn’t built in a day. In other words change isn’t going to happen overnight, nothing worthwhile happens that quickly.

What I can guarantee is that if you put forth the effort and energy and commit to making yourself a priority things will change, you will change, your life WILL CHANGE! The other guarantee is that, if you allow me the privilege, I will walk beside you every step of the way and support you. 

Bottom line: like everything in life, this is a process. The work we do on ourselves is not only the hardest and most important work, it is also life-long. The reason for this is because change is happening all around us all of the time and we are a part of that change. 

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Initial 60 minute personal assessment to see what your challenges, dreams, desires are to put together a plan that works for you. 

 How I work is completely catered to your individual needs. I use a combination of my strong and spot-on intuition, spiritual guidance, gentle and direct communication, deep wisdom and practical support. The women I work with are more empowered, centered and deeply connected to themselves. 

Weekly Support

As your Spiritual Mentor, supporting you to move through life transitions is important to me and I want to walk you through each phase step-by-step.  To supplement the program, weekly 15 minute coaching support will be available via email, IM or phone.  Based on your location and time availability, we will set up the best way to conduct the weekly check-in.

                                         One-Hour Monthly Sessions

As we work together, the private sessions allow us to go deeper and discover the obstacles, blocks or subconscious beliefs stopping you from moving forward and obtaining your goals. Your commitment to your life and your longings makes a significant difference in manifesting your desires.

These sessions include intuitive and spiritual guidance for personal goals, ongoing support and encouragement.

Based on advanced technology I utilize, these sessions can be experienced in person, audio recorded, or via Skype, Zoom and recorded for replay.

Some things clients have said in reaction to working with Heidi on a continuous basis:


“This was a huge breakthrough for me. I haven’t even touched on this in 15 years in therapy.”


“Every time we do a reading I feel a deeper connection to myself and to spirit.”

“Working with Heidi over the past year has added a depth to the information I receive from her. Heidi has a memory for detail and helps me connect previous conversations. The thread of continuity has added more insight. And I can honestly say I am more accountable for my actions thanks to our work together. That is a true gift. Thank you Heidi.”




        Total Value


Easy Payment Plan


$400 Deposit up front

$109.09 every month




Total Value


Easy Payment Plan

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