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Heidi L Ferguson

Psychic & Medium, Spiritual Guidance,
and Intuitive Intimacy

Come prepared with your biggest question.

I will provide guidance & support for a clear answer.


About Heidi

My gifts go as far back as I can remember. From a very young age I was aware of having a deep and abiding faith. I believed, that no matter the circumstances I would always be okay. My belief in myself is what has carried me through to this point in my life.


I am an astute and compassionate psychic and medium offering my clients tools for self-empowerment, awareness and forgiveness. I will take you on a journey of growth, helping you discover the best path to fulfill your earthly responsibilities as you access deep understanding of your spirit’s current life stage and development.  You will gain the insight and tools necessary to clear blockages and energies that hinder your growth in the physical and spiritual realms.


I have an extensive background in the arts and humanities and use these gifts to weave aesthetics, symbolism and metaphor into a reading experience. All of these combined give you deep insight and understanding, ensuring you will be truthful with yourself about your current situation. As a sensitive and caring advocate, I will provide the motivation and tools necessary to help you make your “next step” decisions.


In my commitment to provide outstanding readings and service to my clients I have completed professional training from Access Consciousness and the Knowledge For Living, Inc. Intuitive Development Program. I have studied Clearing Energy, Spiritual Guidance, Channeled and Intuitive Messaging, Symbology, and Mediumship.  My ongoing personal development includes processing my work in the Essential Experience workshop and Core Energetics.

My Intuition Is My Superpower



What happens during a psychic reading?


Come prepared with a few questions to help guide the reading. At the beginning of the reading you and I will ground together by focusing on breath while making sure your feet are firmly planted on the floor.  This will help create a clear space for me to connect with you. In a general reading I will connect to your energy, perhaps using tarot cards, to interpret what I see and feel. These insights will form the basis of your reading.



What’s the difference between a psychic and medium?


A psychic connects with your energy field and intuits information to perform a reading. A medium connects with spirits from non-physical realms or departed loved ones to receive answers to your questions or to pass along information. I pick up on your personal energy and in a medium reading I pick up on your personal energy as well as any spirits that surround you.



What happens during a mediumship reading?


During a mediumship reading my intuitive abilities automatically kick in as the energy flows. Spirit guides provide me with information and I pass on the message to you, my client.



Will I be able to talk to a loved one who has passed during a mediumship reading?


There is no guarantee that you will connect with a specific person. I cannot control who comes through and who doesn’t. Consider this carefully before making an appointment if that is your assumption. My personal recommendation is to not book an appointment directly after a passing. There is always a time of transition for both the loved one who has passed and also for you that is necessary before making the connection. Sometimes the person who you want a message from isn’t ready to communicate. There’s also the chance that you could hear from someone with whom you had a difficult past with whom you didn’t want to connect. Spirit always provides whatever information is needed in that moment.  



Do you use Tarot cards and if so, how do you use them?


Yes, I do use tarot cards though I don’t read them like the typical reader. When I got my cards I threw away the book that came with them. I use my intuition and interpret the cards as I see them in the moment to answer your questions for a cleaner reading. I often encourage clients to come prepared with questions to guide the reading in the direction that best serves them.



Can you predict the future?


No, I cannot predict the future. Sometimes during a session I see a number or a word pertaining to your question that is connected to something in your future. If I get a message that you will be starting a new job or will meet someone for a new relationship it doesn’t mean that job will fall into your lap or this potential new relationship will simply show up. It is your responsibility to take action to move the energy along in order for these things to come to fruition.


When I get feedback from clients that what came through in the reading is what has happened they don’t often tell me what they’ve done to move the energy for those things to manifest. Therefore they don’t necessarily recognize their input was important to make things happen until I point it out to them.



What distinguishes you from other psychics and mediums?


I am proactive in my own personal and spiritual growth, which gives me great integrity. I have no hidden agendas, making me a pure conduit that delivers information in a way that builds trust with my clients.



How long does a reading take?


I offer 15 minute, 30-minute and1 hour readings.



Can we record the session?


Yes, I encourage clients to take notes since there are times when the information provided may not make sense in the moment yet will become clearer later.

My work is called Intuitive Intimacy. Using my intuitive gifts I work with men, women and couples of all orientations who struggle with intimacy. Many of my clients are survivors of some type of trauma who struggle with an inability to connect to themselves and others; porn addiction, sex addiction, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and orgasmic dysfunction.


My work is tailored for each client’s needs. This sacred work may use non-sexual touch that is safe for both my clients and for me. Using my intuitive gifts and skills I guide clients through a process of forgiveness, trust, loving themselves and others and truly connecting on a heart-level, hence intimacy. This work gives clients the opportunity to take back their own power, increase their experience of pleasure, and in doing so, expand their capacity to relate both emotionally and physically. 


Intuitive Intimacy

(Into Me You See)



“I've had sessions with Heidi both in person and via teleconference. She is intuitive and clearly connected to Spirit. I also found her very empathetic and comforting when the message she was hearing was not what I wanted to hear. Heidi is uniquely gifted as a spiritual guide. Sessions feel a bit like talking with a therapist whose depth of understanding of your universal circumstance is much greater.”


Danielle Y., Downingtown, PA, September 2016



“My one-on-one with Heidi was like therapy at the speed of light.  She uncovered limiting beliefs I wasn’t even aware of, but as we talked I knew were a deep truth.  As a result, I was able to move through grief I didn’t realize I was holding on to and reframe a familial relationship to be lighter.”


Allison P., Philadelphia, PA, July 2016



“When I have a session with Heidi I feel engulfed with presence, thoughtfulness, and insight. From the grounding, connecting and breathing at the start to the intentional closure at the end of the call, the whole experience is safe, and enlightening for me. Heidi listens closely to my issues, takes the time to pause, connect with her wisdom and spirit and answer with clarity. Even over the phone I feel her stable focus on me.”


“I am also very touched by her follow up. After both readings I had she contacted me within a few days to see how I was doing integrating the information I received. I felt this was a very unique aspect of working with her. I have worked with other mediums and psychics but have never had a check in afterwards. Her depth of caring and consideration felt very reassuring to me. I am confident in referring clients, friends and family to her. Her work is exceptional.”


Janice Solomon, Nyack, NY, January 26, 2017



Heidi’s gifts are profound, not only in her accuracy in reading situations but her insights into the emotional/spiritual lessons found within them. I recommend Heidi as a compassionate and powerful psychic/medium who can bring you to new levels of awareness through her acute listening and inherent kindness.


Yael S., Nyack, NY, February 23, 2017

Based in Philadelphia, PA
267-251-4300 (text messages preferred,
please include your name in message.)
Hours by appointment only

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